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We, the DATE Sponsors Committee (DSC) and the DATE Executive Committee (DEC), are deeply shocked and saddened by the tragedy currently unfolding in Ukraine, and we would like to express our full solidarity with all the people and families affected by the war.

Our thoughts also go out to everyone in Ukraine and Russia, whether they are directly or indirectly affected by the events, and we extend our deep sympathy.

We condemn Russia’s military action in Ukraine, which violates international law. And we call on the different governments to take immediate action to protect everyone in that country, particularly including its civilian population and people affiliated with its universities.

Now more than ever, our DATE community must promote our societal values (justice, freedom, respect, community, and responsibility) and confront this situation collectively and peacefully to end this nonsense war.

DATE Sponsors and Executive Committees.

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Synopsys, Inc.

Synopsys, Inc.
Contact Person
Emma Gardiner
Careers: Marina Saryan

About Synopsys

Wherever Smart Everything Is, You'll Find Synopsys

Synopsys technology is at the heart of innovations that are changing the way people work and play. Self-driving cars. Machines that learn. Lightning-fast communication across billions of devices in the datasphere. These breakthroughs are ushering in the era of Smart Everything―where devices are getting smarter and connected, and security is an integral part of the design.

Powering this new era of innovation are high-performance silicon chips and exponentially growing amounts of software content. Synopsys is at the forefront of Smart Everything with the world’s most advanced technologies for chip design, verification, IP integration, and software security and quality testing. We help our customers innovate from silicon to software so they can bring amazing new products to life.

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Our Values

For more than 30 years our core values have been the foundation of our culture—Integrity, Execution Excellence, Leadership, and Passion. But we’re also always looking ahead, at what’s next for us. That’s why we bring our values to life with a “Yes, if” mindset — which means we never see solving a problem as impossible. We challenge ourselves and each other to simply shift our perspectives to see how we can make it possible.

Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

At Synopsys, diversity is in everything we do. We’re a company of 16,000+ people in more than 30 countries around the world.

We actively encourage and celebrate the diversity of our teams, talent pipelines, and candidate sources. And to ensure equity and inclusion in action, we regularly review and advise on compensation levels, promotions, and salary adjustments.

Recruiting, retaining, and recognizing women in technology is one of the core focus - with an emphasis on promoting women in STEM and the semiconductor industry. We’re actively working to hire more female engineers and leaders on teams around the world—and we’re committed to increasing the number of women at Synopsys.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment

At Synopsys, integrity is the basis for everything we do. Because we do what we say and say what we do, we have established trust and earned the respect of our employees, customers, partners, shareholders, and communities.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) at Synopsys delivers social, economic, and environmental benefits for our stakeholders by translating our company values into action.

Our Interns and University Relations

Interns kick-start careers here in a technical environment that encourages creativity—because we know that our innovation depends on your new ideas. Investing in the next generation is important to us, and you’ll find that our teams are enthusiastic about working with you. In addition to gaining hands-on experience in your chosen field, you’ll learn both the professional and interpersonal skills you’ll need wherever your future takes you. For more details - Click Here

Our University Program: Education for Smart, Secure Everything

Through our Electronic Design University Program we aim to inspire and foster the world's next generation of technologists and innovators by providing academic and research institutions with access to the EDA tools and technology needed to prepare highly-skilled graduates ready to work in the world of Smart, Secure Everything. Membership in the program includes access to leading-edge EDA software, technical support, curriculum, and more. For more details - Click Here

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