DATE Save the Date 17 to 19 April 2023

Dear DATE community,

We, the DATE Sponsors Committee (DSC) and the DATE Executive Committee (DEC), are deeply shocked and saddened by the tragedy currently unfolding in Ukraine, and we would like to express our full solidarity with all the people and families affected by the war.

Our thoughts also go out to everyone in Ukraine and Russia, whether they are directly or indirectly affected by the events, and we extend our deep sympathy.

We condemn Russia’s military action in Ukraine, which violates international law. And we call on the different governments to take immediate action to protect everyone in that country, particularly including its civilian population and people affiliated with its universities.

Now more than ever, our DATE community must promote our societal values (justice, freedom, respect, community, and responsibility) and confront this situation collectively and peacefully to end this nonsense war.

DATE Sponsors and Executive Committees.

Kindly note that all times on the virtual conference platform are displayed in the user's time zone.

The time zone for all times mentioned at the DATE website is CET – Central Europe Time (UTC+1).

DATE 2022 virtual conference platform now accessible for registered participants

The DATE 2022 virtual conference platform is now accessible for all participants. From today on, participants can watch the pre-recorded presentation videos about the scientific papers from tracks D, A, T and E. During the live conference in March, authors will only briefly pitch their work and engage in Q&A sessions to discuss their solutions and results. Please make sure to watch the pre-recorded presentations if you wish to participate in the live Q&A sessions in March. Please refer to the programme overview below if you are not sure which sessions include pre-recorded presentations. The programme overview picture legend shows exactly which sessions include pre-recorded presentations and which are fully live.

All participants who registered and fully paid their registrations fees have received their personal access data via e-mail on 15 February 2022, 14:00 (CET). If you are registered but did not receive your personal access details before 16 February 2022, please contact date-registrationatkitdresden [dot] de (date-registration[at]kitdresden[dot]de)

Upon accessing the personal access link, delegates will be asked to claim their accounts. Please check the necessary boxes, create a password and click "complete profile" (if you wish to enter further details about yourself) or "Continue to App" to directly access virtual DATE 2022.
Kindly note that you may only access sessions/content that is included in your registration, e.g. pre-corded presentation videos are only available for participants who registered for the conference (not tutorial or workshop delegates).

To get to know the virtual platform please thoroughly read our guidelines:

The DATE 2022 virtual conference platform can be reached hereYou may use this video background for the DATE 2022 virtual live sessions. Session (co-)chairs may use this placeholder for the screen share in the beginning of the session.

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